Thursday, June 2, 2011

Springtime Loves a Bleeding Heart

Who knew a broken heart could be so lovely?  Only in the garden.  The shade loving "hearty" Bleeding Heart sprouts consistently each spring, graceful bowed stems overflowing with liberal lines of perfect heart-shaped blooms, each one slightly broken.  In pink, red or white, the foliage is typically green, but a stunning gold is also available--a rare stand out for a shady area of the yard.

A close look reveals even rows of jewel-like blooms.  The cumulative effect of these charm-like blossoms is stunning. 

Once planted, Bleeding Heart is a reliable harbinger of spring.   When the blossoms fade, the foliage adds considerable structure to the shade garden until August, then quickly turns brown, signaling that it's nearly time to turn in.  A quick clip at ground level, and the plant is happily tucked away, ready to emerge for more heartbreak next April. 

True love is forever.  So too, it appears, are these Bleeding Hearts.