Monday, January 18, 2016

Zone Five and a Half: Winter Interest in the Garden

Zone Five and a Half: Winter Interest in the Garden: Winter interest, the best excuse a gardener ever had. What should I NOT do in the garden this fall?  Taking a cue from Madame Nature, in s...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shrubbery Flubbery -- Will Heavy Snow Harm Shrubs, Bushes and other Plants?

Wintry wonderings. Will the heavy snow harm shrubs and bushes? Should I remove or brush snow from the hedge?  Will snow or ice damage shrubs?  Evergreens and icy snow have a complicated relationship.  Nature can be harmful at times. 

The tall arbor vitae outside the kitchen window have taken an interesting "twist."  The unending snow this winter has bowed them over under the collective weight of pesky flakes.  During morning coffee in the warm kitchen, a debate ensued over the urgency of wading out in order to rescue the arching branches.  Coffee and warmth won out--for now, as the weather predicted is somewhat mild (by recent standards) and devoid of rain. 

Under best circumstances, the branches are loosely tied together in the late fall, which normally helps to avoid debate, and potential damage.  Last fall, life got in the way, so nature is currently getting the better of our greenery.