Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

Ralph's not been feeling at all well lately.  That's when the grass eating started.  Research said that it's not a sign of illness or discomfort, only part of his natural instinct. But once the lawn was the only thing he'd eat, it was time to see the vet.  Many doctor appointments, one emergency pet hospital and a university clinic visit left us with few answers--and a very lethargic puppy. 

His behavior deteriorated.  Ralphwould dart rather than romp, his hindquarters tucked under as if frightened.  One morsel of food, even his beloved Boursin cheese sent him racing to the yard for a grass chaser. 

Trips to the vet's office only made the poor guy more anxious and depressed.  We were really worried, but the treatment seemed worse than whatever disease was wearing him down.  So we let him show us how to make it right.  Lots of attention and if he felt like eating pesticide free grass, so be it.

Happy to report that Ralph's on the mend.  He's far more interested in his dinner bowl than the backyard--which was developing some serious bald spots. 

Grass didn't cure Ralph, but sometimes we need to take cues from nature when the language barrier gets complex.

I just never thought I'd be thankful for the return of the morning theft of a shoe for a treat!

Even the mailman missed his mad barking.

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