Saturday, February 6, 2016

Impatiens 2016 ~~ The Blight is Back

Impatiens 2017 are a "no-go" once again
This year's not looking hopeful for Bizzy Lizzies.  Last season, buoyed by the passage of time and abundant presence of these colorful lovelies in the garden center, beds were again filled with impatiens. 

All appeared positive for the first warm months, as the yard had been clear of downy mildew for over three years.  Sadly, by mid summer, the lizzies were looking less busy.  Within weeks the mildew blight had returned. 

In 2016 it's back to the reliable replacements of begonia and coleus in place of impatiens.

No worries! There are fabulous alternatives to impatiens for color in the shade garden:

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Bye Bye Bizzie Lizzies

It'll be a long while before impatiens should be considered for the Midwest garden.