Friday, April 28, 2017

How (Not) To Grow Basil. ~~~ Hello Oregano!

I love everything about basil.  Love the leafy look, the rich scent, love to slice it chiffonade style, and, of course, there's the taste, either fresh or newly dried. 

But I can't grow it.  Newly planted green sprouts quickly turn black and/or disintegrate, both indoors and out.  It's killin' me. 

Hello oregano!
Research suggests allow at least six hours of sun, and good drainage.  I tried large sunny pots last year, but after a few weeks, the plant disappeared. 

Herbs brought into the garden shed last fall thrived.  Oregano took over the work bench, and thyme is everywhere.

Basil went caput. 

This summer I'll plant in indirect sunlight, avoid overwatering and leave more room around the plant.  Pots are likely the best location to avoid critters. 

Homemade Margherita Pizza with Basil

We shall see Basil. 

It's not over yet ...

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