Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow Clouds

Life in the vapor vortex.  The deep freeze of 2015 has brought with it the typical challenges of living in the Big Chill. The garden's been under a thick layer of crusty snow for months now.  While the first cold snap brings a welcome respite from outdoor chores, by mid February most gardeners are itching to get outside.

One hundred year low temperatures make long term excursions too painful and the ground won't accept a spade for weeks.   But the blue skies beckoned one chilly morning and we couldn't resist.

Ralph the dog wisely chose to supervise from the doorway  

Bundling up we ventured out.    Recalling some YouTube videos of Siberian apartment dwellers, we decided to make our own vapor trails-- at sea level.  

The first try with tepid tap water failed miserably.  

Boiling water's the key.  

The result was spectacular.  Crackling drops of water sizzle in the clear cold air.  Backlit by sunlight the effect is lovely.  

Our personal cloud slowly drifts away.