Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bizzy Lizzie Update: Should I Plant Impatiens?

Impatiens are likely not safe to plant in 2017
Are impatiens safe to plant in 2014?  Does the Bizzy Lizzy blight remain?

Chances are impatiens should remain quarantined.  As the hardy fungus known as downy mildew overwinters, several seasons will need to pass in order to eradicate the spores from soggy spring soil. 

Trouble is, if the garden is re-infected, the cleansing process starts over.  Conservative gardeners should resist the temptation to buy Busy Lizzies for a few more years.

Impatiens blight's now lingered for over three seasons, making these former fancies a
fading memory.

Stick with hardier replacements such as begonias and coleus.

Don't be impatiens.

They'll be back!

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